Austrian mustard don't do it - rrlf meeting 2005  by DiA

Fuck, let's rock... At ~01:00pm my train goes to philies town, nothin
really happend, just 3 beer and my music. ~04:00pm I arrived philies
town, where he already wait's for me. Buy some beer and whisky, picked
up rastafarie and let the riot begin, we are on the way to austria...

Beer 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, "Are we already in austria?", "Yepp, you
missed the frontier!". Hmm, maybe in reason of 9 beers, I think so.
I was drunkn, philie droves (thank god he was not drunkn) and rastafarie
take a sleep after 6 or 7 beers. In reason of my alcoholism I lost much
of my time-feeling, so I just drank my beer 10, and we are already at
SPTH village. It takes us some time (lost time in my head) to find SPTH's
house in this "huge" village. But we did it, we are really in austria...

Saying hello to SPTH, making some beer exchange and drank it. After that
we looked at the most impressive sight in this village, the wine basement,
uh sweet, after seeing this my brain asks for more alcohol. So we take all
a seat, drank one more beer. Then we going for the hard stuff, the -from
last meeting report- well known korn80. Sweet, I only can drink such stuff
when I am already drunkn, let's remember...I was, so we go for it. Don't
ask me who, or better who not, puked from this damn fine, nearly making
blind, drink. I just remember that SPTH brings some aspirin, drunken idea
as normal walking around, why not drink k80 with aspirin?! Hm, first reason:
it is totally stupid, and second: apirin don't dissolve in k80 :D. Fuck off!
SPTH puked, then me. That aspirin won't go down my throat, more the other
way. I really puked in austria...

I can't believe it, I fell asleep after signature some stuff for kefi.
Breakdown in austria...

After getting up I am still drunkn as hell, and I wonder why rastafarie,
philie and SPTH laughed at me, after seeing my face in the digicam I know
why, they painted my whole face with sentences like "I love Korn80" or
"DiA = cool" while i sleeped. Next time I will get you all! >:D. Cleaned
me up, going for some breakfast and k80. After that all off us fell asleep
and we take a ~3h sleep. Getting up agian, going for some beer, smoking and
talking. After that we played like little childrens in the snow, because
philie and rastafarie had some bobs (not boobs). Yes, we played with snow
in austria...

It becomes cold and my beer was empty, so we decided to go to a pub. After
entering this trashy pub we buy all a pretty expensive steaming ranger and
play some rounds kicker. SPTH beats us all..."you are a crack! ;)". We all
getting boring to gets a ass-kick by SPTH, so we went off to play pool.
Normal people throws a coin or somethin, but we trash each other to get the
staff of the two teams. Rastafarie and me wins the match. Yeah, we win a
pool billard match in austria...

We decided to play from now on one against one, but it takes another way.
Rastafarie gets us all a beer (thx for this mate). We drank a little bit
and then rastafarie cuts his finger with this glas of beer, dont ask me how.
There was pretty much blood. After rastafarie gets some kinky first aid,
he, SPTH and SPTH's mother wents to hospital. Philie and me cleaned up the
blood, finished the pool match (nobody wons, in reason of no rules;)) and
then we take a seat. Ohh yes, we cleaned up a pub full of blood in austria...

While talking about VX and AV the village society enter the pub. Hell, that
much austrian people and every one of them wants to speak with us. Philie
and me don't understand most time what they want. It was pretty funny, and
after SPTH's dad buys us a beer it have to get a little bit funnier. At this
time rastafarie and SPTH comes back, we drank more beer (how can I use this
word so often in this article?! because we drank that much ;P) and after
finishing this we went back to SPTH's house. Rastafarie goes to bed in reason
of medical drugs, and the rest of us watching a senseless splatter movie, and
drank same time some beer, what else?! The beer rocks in austria...

After taking some sleep, we already have to left austria, because I have to
get my train. So we all packed our stuff, say goodbye to SPTH and his family
and leave this pretty smooth small village. At this point, the end of this
article, I have to thank philie for taking me with his car, to rastafarie
for making my sadistic site of me happy (blood blood blood ;)), SPTH for
all the beer, food and k80 and SPTH's family for the nice hospitality.
I am really looking forward to see this people again on the next meeting.
Thanks a lot for this awsome time in austria...

Children of the KORN 80 II - The final Sacrifice
by philet0ast3r

About half a year after surviving part one, our irresistible creed for high toxic
liquids got us back together. The journey began friday, the 21st of January in my town.
DiA arrived by train, I picked him up and we drove (with my car) to a nearby city
(where the rRlf was founded) to pick up rastafarie (ex-rRlf). Our destination: The holy
KORN 80, an ancient liquid of incredible power, that was supposed to be hidden in a
small Austrian mountain village.
Second Part To Hell was already there, so we knew where to go. We thought we would
arrive there at around 22.00, but as there was partly so much snow, I had to guess
where the road is. We arrived 2 hours too late. Well, that village really is not big,
but we managed to spend another 30 mins driving around searching spth. I thought it
would be the right direction, but after driving 2 km down a narrow road with mountains
on the left and houses on the right, I realized: A dead end.
There (... a dead end at the ass of the world), we met some drunk Austrians (one looking
like a strange mixture of a leftover hippie and a cowboy), who told us the way.
Finally we found the right house. Or houses: One where spth's family lives and next to
it the house were his grandpa lived. Now a party-house. We went to that one, and
finally I could start drinking (the others were already drinking all the way in the
car). spth made us some toasts. DiA ate it with mustard. Or better: He ate mustard
with toast (he did that the whole weekend: eating everything with an imense amount
of mustard).
spth said, it was good, that we were finally coming, he was thinking about it already
all the time. Suddenly he held a bottle in his hands. From it emerging bright,
energetic light. I sank to my knees as I saw the label:

------------------------------------ SPITZ 80% vol ANSATZ KORN (österreichisches Erzeugnis) ------------------------------------
There it was. Holy shit. Well, we opened it, and started drinking. The first round pure. I thought: "How the hell was I able to drink so much of this stuff the last time?" while having to puke after the first swallow. I think spth had to puke too, so rastafarie was not drinking it pure but with coffee (spth's special strong coffee = looks like a black hole after putting 1 l milk in it). I mixed it with orangejuice. But spth and DiA went to the next step: The first two persons to experience rRlf drink #2: KORN 80 + aspirin. Killer. spth puked at once. He said: "It's strange: You try to swallow it, and that moment the aspirin starts to bubble and brings up all the KORN 80 again, burning your throat to death." DiA puked too. Really much, and he couldn't stop. Nice. It smelled like mustard. After lots of more drinking, spth came up with a LP: David Hasselhoff - Looking for freedom. rastafarie (mostly) and spth had lots of fun singing this shit (the lyrics were printed on the cover), I was dancing through the room, throwing down some stuff. The next thing was "Bubi, Bubi nocheinmal", some old and stupid Austrian folk shit. We had lots of fun scratching the LP and dancing pogo to it. Later spth took out a second bottle of KORN 80, which he planned to send to Kefi. We started to write Kefi a letter: Everyone wrote 2 words, then the next person wrote 2 words. Out came lots of senseless drunken bullshit, but funny. We thought, just letter and KORN 80 is boring, so we started to sign lots of different trash for him (Kefi: the apple is pure chance ;), to be put to the package. Somewhen DiA fell asleep, so we started to paint his face with a black marker (... also inside his ear). It was getting cold, because the stove burned out. It was only glowing a bit. Now that was the effect of pouring a bit KORN 80 into it: It was getting bright and we were still drinking. Somewhen in the morning spth's father came into the party-house to welcome the guests. At that moment DiA woke up, not really knowing, how his face looked like... Some time later we decided to watch a episode of Family Guy (rastafarie brought about every episode with him), but all fell asleep while watching. Our Saturday began in the afternoon. I remember drinking a beer and getting down to the kitchen, where I talked with spth's mother. The others and the rest of spth's family were coming, and his mum made us a great breakfast. Well, for the family it was supper. DiA ate mustard with bread, mustard with sausages, mustard with cheese and mustard with eggs. As it was already getting dark, we hurried up to get drunk again. Which didn't take long, cause we started with KORN 80. As rastafarie and I are members of an international extreme bob team, we had our bobs with us, to check out the Austrian mountains. Which would have been a good ride, if the farmers wouldn't have made up wire fences all over. Wasn't as much fun, as we thought, so we went to a pub. There we got us some Steaming Rangers and started playing table soccer (in Austria it's called "Wuzlkastn" :). But as spth seemed to spend much time with this table, it was kinda boring, cause if you play with spth you will always win. If you play against him, you will loose. So we thought billiard would be better. But who plays together? The answer was fought out, using billiard sticks as weapons. We ran around the room like little kids hitting each other. Finally we started playing, but not long. rastafarie managed to brake the beer glass he was holding in his right hand with the billiard stick he was holding in his other hand. In a way that he cut through the vein in his right middlefinger. We were all drunk as hell (or "vull vull" how you say in Austria :), and suddenly the floor looked like this: Wow. spth and rastafarie went to spth's mum, who brought them to a nearby hospital. After I cleaned the floor of glass fragments and blood, DiA and I needed a beer. We talked a while about this and that, and suddenly the door opened, and in came: About 30 ppl of a krampus society (hard to explain what that exactly is...), who filled the pub. Everybody seemed to be drunken. There were we sitting, DiA from Saxon, me from Bavaria, drunk in a little pub in a little Austrian mountain village, not understanding any word of that strange dialect. This was really a strange situation. Someone asked us, if we were viruswriters. The whole village seemed to know about spth's hobby. Later DiA and I tried to play cards, but it didn't work out ... the cards were kind of strange (Stüssi der Flurschütz!) and somehow all looked the same. Then spth and rastafarie came back, and rastafarie was really fucked up. We stayed a while and DiA and I tried to hack a game vending machine. But we only managed to restart the thing by pulling the plug and putting it back in. But after doing that for a while, the thing totally crashed, so we went back to spth's house to eat something. We drank a few more beers and watched a Japanese splatter movie I brought with me: Story of Ricky. Dumb story, dumb actors, dumb dialogs, but funny. And lots of blood and gore. rastafarie already had enough of that, so he went to bed. The rest of us did that after the movie. It was Sunday noon, as I felt able to drive. We got our things together, said "until next time" and left spth in that little village. We had to hurry, otherwise we would have missed DiA's train from my town. Well, we missed DiA's train, so I drove directly to a bigger city, where DiA would have had to change trains, if he took that from my town. We were short before the city (it was already getting dark again), as my car stopped: We were out of gas. We called a breakdown service, but they wanted about 300 euros for bringing us some gas. So we called a taxi, which brought us to the next gas station (which was of course kinda around the corner), I bought a gas canister, and the taxi brought us back, which had cost me all together 15 euros. Somehow we managed to get to the station in time, we even had enough time to eat something. DiA took his train, I first brought rastafarie back home and then myself. I fell into my bed and asleep. It was a hard weekend. Next day I had to get up early: School, where I wrote an exam, for which I had learned like nothing. But well, you have to set priorities. DIA - Day In Austria (x2) Wir befinden uns am verschneiten Arsch der Welt als ich, nachdem ich zwischenzeitig weggenickt bin, meine Augen öffne .Es ist Mitternacht oder etwas um den Dreh. Draußen bei den Zapfsäulen der geschlossen Tankstelle stehen die beiden anderen und rauchen, während ich versuche aus dem Auto zu klettern. Irgendwann nach dem 6 Bier muss ich weggenickt sein, nachdem ich zuvor unter der Fahrt versucht hatte , in eine leere Lipton Eisteeflasche zu pissen. Da ich betrunken und es schon dunkel war, kann ich nicht sagen wie viel an der Flasche vorbei gegangen ist ( sorry Philie ;) . Als wir ausgeraucht hatten und uns die übelst kalte Nacht zum weiterfahren zwang, erreichten wir irgendwann gegen 1 Uhr Nachts ******. Der Kurze Aufenthalt an der Tankstelle und die Fahrt erinnerten mich an Shining. Eisige Kälte, Schnee und weit und breit so schien es, keine Menschenseele. Wir hatten Schwierigkeiten unseren Komplizen zu finden, also bogen wir irgend- wo in ****** rechts ab. Wir fuhren einen schmalen, vereisten Weg entlang der uns an irgendwelchen leblosen österreichischen Berghäusern vorbei führte und kamen auch schon im Nirgendwo an. Dort hatten wir jedoch das Glück, einer Gruppe verrückter Einheimischer zu begegnen, die trotz des offensichtlich übermäßigen Drogenkonsums in der Lage war uns den Weg zu beschreiben. Also lachten wir uns erst einmal über die freundlichen, verrückten Freaks den Arsch ab und kehrten um. Es dauerte auch nicht mehr lange und wir erreichten unseren Zielort. Wir wurden schon auf der Strasse von unserem wartenden Gastgeber Spth empfangen und begaben uns, nachdem wir uns begrüßt hatten, in den Konferenzraum , welcher sich in einem kleinen Partyhäuschen nahe des Hauses befand. Dort machten wir dann dort weiter, wo ich bevor ich eingenickt war- und DIA nicht, aufgehört hat(te). Spth hatte wie es schien an alles gedacht, sodass wir nach dem obligatorischen Frühstück um halb zwei Uhr morgens, auch schon mit dem köstlichen r Bier weiterseideln konnten. Auch wenn die Brautradition dieses Bieres nicht in die sakrale Entstehungszeit des bayrischen Reinheitsgebotes zurückreicht, so ist es ein wirklich schmackhaftes Bier , das sich gut schwallen lässt ! Nachdem unser Gastgeber in infantiler und fast schizoide wirkender und deshalb sympathischer Vorfreude gestand, sich schon seit längerer Zeit auf den (-original österreichischen-) Ansatzkorn (-mit 80 % Alkoholgehalt-) zu freuen, machte er die Austrian-Wunder-Korn-Flasche auf. In einer ruhigen, gemütlichen Runde saßen wir also am Tisch, tranken dieses köstliche, nach totbringendem Frostschutzmittel schmeckende Gesöff , von dem ein Großteil von uns sich die Eingeweide rauskotzen musste. Glücklicherweise blieb mir dies erspart, da ich mich entschloss, nicht wie Dia und Spth den Ansatzkorn mit einer Aspirintablette auf zu frischen. Nachdem wir uns in fröhlicher Heiterkeit betranken, schlief Dia ein, so dass sein Gesicht zum Zielobjekt unserer künstlerischen Energien wurde. Nun zeigte uns unser offensichtlich mit dem Okkultismus vertraute Gastgeber, sein geheimes, in der Mitte der Stube gelegenes alchemistisches Versuchslabor, indem er die Magie des Ansatzkorns nachzuweisen versucht. Man mag es glauben oder auch nicht, er schaffte es tatsächlich , die Glut des mittlerweile erlischenden Feuers des Kachelofens mit einem magischen Sprutz aus der Ansatzkornflasche in loderndes Feuer zu verwandeln !!! Nachdem er uns zuvor in den bescheidenen Weinkeller des Hauses geführt hatte und ich glaubte im Himmel gewesen zu sein, war er in meinen Augen nun endgültig ein Zauberer. Als es hell wurde und wir wieder vollzählig einsatzbereit waren, gingen wir irgendwann in der Früh rüber in die große Version des Partyhauses um uns Family Guy anzuschauen, wovon ich knapp 10 000 Folgen mitgebracht hatte. Da uns nach einer langen Nacht der Zauberei die Augen zufielen, beschlossen wir ein Nickerchen einzulegen. Gegen 15 Uhr wurden wir vom penetranten Geräusch des Weckers geweckt und frühstückten erst einmal einen Happen. Da noch etwas vom delikaten Ansatzkorn übrig geblieben war, dauerte es nicht lange, ehe ich wieder so steif war, wie bevor wir uns schlafen gelegt hatten. Nun wo wir wieder in einem funktionsbereiten Zustand waren, gingen wir Bobfahren. Philie und ich hatten unsere Bobs mitgebracht um uns diesen Spaß in den Bergen nicht entgehen zu lassen. Leider hielt sich das Toben im Schnee in Grenzen, da sich die österreichischen Kuhbauern in der Steiermark offensichtlich in einem erbarmungslosen Konkurrenzkampf befinden und unbedingt ihre Kuhweiden, mit Drahtstrickzäunen, voneinander abgrenzen müssen. Diese boten eine wunderbare Gelegenheit sich beim Rodeln den Schädel abzuhacken und der große Depp zu sein. So gingen wir doch eher auf Nummer sicher und suchten das nahegelegene Wirthaus auf, indem wir Tischfußball (Kicker) spielen wollten. Schon bald stellte sich heraus, dass Spth hier schon oft diesem Vergnügen nachgegangen sein muss, da jeder Ballkontakt von ihm ein Tor als Folge hatte. Nachdem die verschiedenen Teams, die Spth als Gegner gehabt hatten, einige male verloren hatten, dachten wir es könnte lustiger sein , Billard zu spielen. So nahmen wir also unsere vorzüglichen Steaming Ranger zur Hand und begaben uns hinüber in den Billardsalon des Hauses. Dieser Nebensalon, den man nur für uns geöffnet hatte, indem sich der Billardtisch befand, war mit leeren Schnaps- und Softdrinkflaschen zugestellt die sich hervorragend zum Umgetretenwerden eigneten. Dies geschah dann auch relativ bald, als wir beim Ausfechten der Gruppenformation im Eifer des Gefechts dagegen traten. Der Bedienung muss es vorgekommen sein wie in einem Reptilienzoo, als sie hereinkam um uns zu bitten, aufzuhören uns gegenseitig mit den Billardkös zu verkloppen. Nun gut, so kam es also dass wir anfingen Billard zu spielen. Nach einem ausgeglichenen Spiel und immer wieder spontan dazwischen hereinbrechenden Kö-Fecht-Klopp-Attacken passierte mir dann ein kleines Missgeschick, als ich in einer Hand mein Bierglas hielt und versehentlich mit der anderen, in der ich das Kö hielt, dagegen stieß. Aufgrund der Hektik der Ereignisse kann ich nicht mehr sagen wie es genau dazu kam, jedenfalls hatte ich mir mit dem zerbrechenden Bierglas in den Mittelfinger geschnitten. Nachdem meine 0,5 cm tiefe, volarseitige Schnittverletzung des PIP-Gelenkes des 3. Fingers der rechten Hand mit drei Stichen in der örtlichen orthopädischen Ambulanz genäht worden war, fühlte ich mich etwas wohler in meiner Haut. Grob geschätzt , habe ich auf dem Boden des Billardsalons etwa 500 Liter meines Blutes als kleines Dankeschön hinterlassen. Von nun an glich meine Anwesenheit eher der eines passiven Beobachters. Nachdem man mich im Krankenhaus mit 10 000 verschiedenen Chemikalien vollgepumpt hatte, verspürte ich nun kein Bedürfnis mehr Alkohol zu mir zu nehmen. Wir verweilten noch eine Weile in dem Wirtshaus, Dia, Philie und Spth tranken noch weitere Hunderte Liter von Bier während die österreichische Dorfjugend das Lokal am späten Abend immer mehr an sich riss. Das nächtliche Treiben in ****** überraschte mich wirklich sehr, zumal es mir so vorkam als hätte sich das ganze Dorf in dem Wirtshaus eingefunden. Nachdem Dia und Philie ihre Virenschreiber-Elite-Kenntnisse am Spielautomaten unter Beweis stellten und ihn durch permanentes Ein- und Ausziehen des Steckers zum Abkacken brachten, war der Zeitpunkt günstig wieder ins Partyhaus zu gehen. Anscheinend hatte es sich in der Zwischenzeit rumgesprochen, dass die Elite der Virenschreiberszene bei Spth eine Versammlung abhält, da wir von nun im minuten Takt genötigt wurden, alles was uns in die Hände kam zu signieren und an Fäääns zu verschenken. So kam es also, dass jeder von uns ungefähr eine Tonne von irgendwelchem Scheiss mit den Unterschriften der übrigen drei Teilnehmer als Andenken mit Nachhause nehmen konnte. Mein kurzes Essay neigt sich nun dem Ende zu, da ich nach dem Krankenhausbesuch ziemlich im Abkacken begriffen war. Die rRlf Versammlung verlagerte sich nach einer Weile auch wieder zurück in die größere Version des Partyhauses um dort Splatterklassiker wie The Story Of Ricky anzuschauen. Für mich war der Zeitpunkt gekommen mich zu verabschieden und meinen Rausch auszuschlafen. Nach dem Frühstücksbier am nächsten Morgen neigte sich die Versammlung langsam dem Ende entgegen. Gegen 12 Uhr brachen wir dann, nachdem wir uns verabschiedeten, auf und fuhren mit einem Batzen schöner auch wenn teilweise schmerzhafter Erinnerungen zurück nach Deutschland. Bezeichnend für den ganzen Aufenthalt bei Spth im gemütlichen Österreich waren die letzten Bilder die mir von ****** in Erinnerungen bleiben werden. Beim Wegfahren kamen wir an Spth’s Vater und einem seiner Nachbarn vorbei, die sich bei wunderschönem Wetter , angelehnt an eine Gartenscheune, im 12-Uhr-Mittags-Stress erst einmal genüsslich ein Bierchen im Freien gönnten. Klasse ! -rastafarie- rRlf's bloody weekend by Second Part To Hell When we met last time in summer 2004, we decided to repeat it. Well, all started again, when philet0ast3r called me once in winter 2004 after he visited a shown by Alf Poier (a totally sick guy from Austria, who was at the Songcontest 2002 with a song called 'Weil der Mensch zählt'). I think philie was really drunken that time, because he told me he used his gas cost money for beer. :) Anyway, we talked about the date, and said that 14/15/16 january 2005 would be good. We asked DiA if it's ok for him too, and he agreed. Time went and soon DiA said he can not come that weekend - so the fat 'event' should happen one week later - and it did. Invated were philie & girlfriend and DiA. but philie's girlfriend couldn't come, so he asked rastafarie (ex-rRlf member), who really came. Friday: First meeting-related thing at this day was a nice telephon call by DiA's mummy :) She asked me if they are still in Austria. Well - nice talk :) Normally they should have come at 10 in the evening. But as they had some problems finding my village and maybe even harder: me in that small town (they drove ~30minutes for a 1 minute way) :), they came at 1 in the night. First we did was opening beer: Philet0ast3r, DiA and rastafarie drank one of the beer from a nearby city (the best one!!!), and I drank one of DiA's and one of philet0ast3r's beer. Both were really good. Then I showed them my favorite place in the house: The vine cellar - I noticed by their smileys that they really liked the room :). Then - Eating: I made some toasts. rastafarie ate it normal, philie ate a vegetarian toast and DiA asked me immediatly if I have enough mustard. We wondered, but then we noticed what he meant: DiA = mustard (german: Senf) addicted. His toast looked like that: Inside mustard, above it mustard and when he got it, mustard again. After the eating he ate the rest of the mustard tube: pure! :) After eating we inputed some music and sat down to drink beer and some of the wiskey, which they had with them, until I took out our good old friend: The KORN80 :) Before drinking I went for a bucket, which we really need. And I think I was the first who need it: After the first glass the shit didn't want to stay in my stomach - so I puked. Nice feeling when that thing like burning oil crosses your neck two times... outsch! :) Nevertheless we continued drinking - of course - and next glass philet0ast3r had to puke. We had a good laugh again - and continued. It's totally silly and selfdestruction, but it didn't bother us. rastafarie, after seeing us puking, mixed the KORN with coffee (don't say he's lame, you don't know my coffee :D) and DiA was really heavy: He drank the thing like normal water, without changing his facial expression in any way. :) Then rastafarie said he has a headache, so I gave him some aspirin. Being quite drunken (and for DiA and my taste - selfdestructing), we decided to mix a real nice drink, which is now the official rRlf drink issue #2: KORN80+Aspirin! philet0ast3r and rastafarie were enough intelligent to say no, so they did not drink it. Well,DiA and me mixed, and (tried to) drank it. I think I was first again: I had to puke as hell, because the drink this time couldn't not even pass my neck. It was like a fast input/output process :) DiA was better: He drank it...10secs... and then he also puked - about two liters :) It was so damn ugly and funny - we nearly could not stopp to laugh, and DiA not to puke :) Then we stopped with KORN80 for a while, and drank more beer and wiskey (and coffee). Soon I got the idea to of inputting the David Hasselhoff's LP disc 'Looking for freedom'. :) I also had the text of it, so we *tried* to sing. rastafarie was the main singer and was happy as a little child while singing. He really cried euphoric to the sound of David. DiA, at that moment, could not talk anything anymore. He drank too much, and just noded his head and smiled when we tried to talk with him (maybe we could not do it eigther - i forgot). Meanwhile philie did pogo that heavy, that he nearly destroyed the chitchen. After David and some beer again, we inputed the next LP disc called 'Bubi, Bubi, nocheinmal' (which means something like 'Babyboy, Babyboy, once again' - totally crazy). Without understanding the lyrics, we did just heavy hardcore pogo. Totally funny - 4 rRlf (related) guys jumping euphoric crazy at 2m², one more drunken than the other one. After the 'Bubi, Bubi, nocheinmal' we sat down again to drink and talk about anything we could think of (well, not too much topics, because nobody wa able to use his brain fully). Then we thought about Kefi (I told him that I'm going to send him a bottle of KORN80) and started to write a A4 site of 100% senseless text and pictures. While doing this we also got the idea to send him more than just a signed bottle KORN80 and a paper with text, so we also signed an aspirin (that he's able to make the rRlf drink issue #2), a black and a white choco thing, a cigarette, an apple and more stupid/crazy/senseless stuff. I really hope that he will like it. :) Anywhen, I think about 4-5 in the morning DiA fell asleep and we had a victim for our creativity. We got a fat black marker and signed/painted his face :) Also that night the fire in the stove stopped, so we had to reactivate it. Therefor we tried the KORN80 - and it worked. 0.1 seconds after doing it into the stove, a 2m high flame came back. Looked nice and worked great - it was warm again. Soon we realiced that it became bright, so we ate something and drank our good-morning-beer. That time also DiA was wake again and was astonished about his artistic painted skin. :) We wanted to view a episode of 'Family Guy', but we were too tired and decided to go to bed..... Saturday: We woke up at ~15.00 - some still drunken :) First we did was going to the chichen and drink one of the hell drink: KORN80. That day it was better, so we decide to empty the bottle, I think there where 3 more rounds, and soon everybody was drunken again. I can't really remember what we did until it became dark - I think drinking KORN, beer, coffee and smoking. Then we went to a field nearby us to ride the bobs rastafarie and philet0ast3r got with them. After some funny and even painful rides we decided to went to the next pub, because it was cold and beside of DiA's beer we had no alcoholic drinks with us. We first went in to drink a Steaming Ranger (1/3 Wiskey, 1/3 cola, 1/3 orange juice), then we played tablesoccer. I could neighter concentrate nor see the balls right, anyway I won most time because the others could not do it eighter :D. Then we went to another room to play pool.First question: Who plays together? We had an excellent fight with our magic pool staffs :) Then we played. But soon rastafarie, the clumsy, broke his glass of beer and hurt his finger really (!!!) bad. His blood decorated big parts of the floor. We quickly asked the barkeeper lady to help us. We (the barkeeper lady, who was afraid of blood and me, who was totally drunken) tried to bandage his finger, who looked really bad. Somehow we managed it, then I called my mum to drive to the next hospital. There rastafarie got known the Austrian health system: We had to wait for ~20-25mins until somebody came. It was a X-Ray assistent lady, who did not know what to do. Then she tried to cut the bandage of his finger, as it was already totally blue. We had to wait for more ~10-15 mins until the doctor came. Then everything was really fast: rastafarie got some injections, then I went out of the room.Soon (about 10mins later) he came out again and said that his vein was broken. Everything seemed to be as good as possible, so we drove back to the pub, where DiA and philet0ast3r where still drinking beer :) I also continued drinking beer, but rastafarie was not that active anymore, and after philie and DiA had fun with destroying the photoplay automat, we went home to drink some beer there again and to sign everything we could find :). Then we went into the real house. rastafarie went to bed as he was kind of stoned by the whole medicine he got, and we watched a video philet0ast3r got with him called 'The Story of Richy' or something like that. It had no plot, just blood in it. That day I saw more blood than ever in my life... At ~3-4 in the night we went to bed. Sunday: The last day was really short. We stood up at ~9-10 in the morning, and they had to drive soon, because DiA must not miss his train in philet0ast3r's city. Well, I think we ate something and drank a beer (did we - i can not really remember). At ~midday they left, and with it a really great, funny, less-sleeping, bloody, alcoholic weekend ended. Later this day my brain started to work really again - for the first time of the ~2 days :) Well, I really enjoyed the weekend and I'm really looking forward meeting for the next time. We have already talked about that: It should be in or nearby philet0ast3r's city in summer 2005 and this time we want to make it bigger. That means more vxers/related people are invated. I really hope some will come... I'll definitivly take with me a KORN80 bottle! :)