Happy birthday RRLF!  Yes, today, at the release  date 21.07.2005,  it's the
5. birthday of the ready rangers liberation front. And as present for us and
for you we bring  you the sixth issue of  our  electronic magazine.  We, the
members and contributers,  working hard to bring you such good content,  the
BEST EVER! Many people say that the RRLF is just a script kiddie crew, can't
even touch other things then  batch and  scripts.  Here we  are,  with  very
good content. I hope people now get another idea what RRLF is about.  And if
not, i will ask that persons: what do you do for the VX scene?! Future of v.
writing is dark,  but no question,  we keep on coding and bring you e-zines.
And we are very pleased when you, as coder, do the same  and  contribute  to
our or other groups e-zines. Now enogh with the boring intro, open your beer
and enjoy the RRLF zine issue six! Salute...

Name    : BlueOwl
Origin  : The Netherlands
Age     : 17
E-Mail  :
Web     :
Hobbys  : Coding, Chatting, Bunjeejumping
Comment : If you are a hot naked girl around 18 mail me!

Name    : Cyneox
Origin  : Romania
Age     : 16
E-Mail  :
Web     : --
Hobbys  : Party, Party, Party !!! ;) Coding, Chillout, Have phun!
Comment : Change your thought and the world around you changes...

Name    : DiA
Origin  : Germany
Age     : 18
E-Mail  :
Web     :
Hobbys  : Ride my BMX, meet friends, make party 'n pogo, coding
Comment : Shut up and drink.

Name    : disk0rdia
Origin  : el paraíso
Age     : no importa
E-Mail  :
Web     : -
Hobbys  : amigos, música, artes, bailar, dormir
Comment : ¡No soña tu vida, vive tu sueño!

Name    : philet0ast3r
Origin  : Bavaria
Age     : 22
E-Mail  :
Web     : -
Hobbys  : rRlf, friends and girlfriend, antifa, any music that ends with -core
Comment : fn0rd

Name    : Psychologic
Origin  : Indonesia
Age     : 17
E-Mail  :
Web     : -
Hobbys  : Coding, sleeping, singing, football, basketball
Comment : I love my penis hehe :P

Name    : Retro
Origin  : England
Age     : 21
E-Mail  :
Web     :
Hobbys  : Coding, wireless hacking, cars
Comment : If in doube give it a clout

Name    : Second Part To Hell
Origin  : Free World Citizen (located in Austria)
Age     : 18
E-Mail  :
Web     :
Hobbys  : meet friends and fuck the world togehter :), Codeing, Music (Theatre Of Tragedy, Darkfall, ...)
Comment : No Gods, No Masters - Against all authority: ANARCHISM!

If you want to be a part of the  family then send us a short  description of
you and your best code to us. Because RRLF members  gettin' older and better
we are  looking for some good coder,  that can code in ASM,  C++ or advanced
VB ... . We will  be  pleased  when you dont contact  us if you only coded a
already seen MAPI VB worm. Thanks. Please send a mail to
and to too. We will contact you.

Dont wanna be a part of the family  but want to be a part of our next issue?
Then send your stuff  (articles, viruses & worms, tools 'n arts) in a passed
.zip or .rar archive to . Thank you alot.

We want to kick out some big thanks to the contributers in this issue. Thank
you, feel free to send us your great stuff for the next issue.

BlueOwl's greets:
DiA		- for making the zine tidy & having laughs now and then
SPTH		- for funny talks & giving me another perspective
dr3f		- for giving me advice on coding etc. and his nice, negative view of the world
MattWood9	- for cracking my crackme and talks
Nataly		- for having fun on non-vx things sometimes
vBx		- (G)oogle or (B)an?
DR-EF		- for spreading the joy
cyneox		- rrlf member ;)
psychologic	- welcome to the team
And I hope i did not forget you. :/

DiA's greets:
My greets flyin' out to all my friends on IRC, Owl, SPTH, Cyneox, Sinclaire,
DR-EF, Toro, Muazzin, and all I forgot.

Greets also for all RRLF members, 29A for the fine issue 8, lifewire we want
iKx back ;).

But biggest greets goes to my real friends, Assi.GmbH - my soul mates, to
all BMXer in my town and others.

Psychologic greets:
Toro		: Hello Mistre.TORO  Where are you ? I can't see you anymore
		  on #virus, well thx for your advice, I have decided to join with
		  rRlf,thx for anything [info, help,suggest] you gave me, big big thx
		  for you Mistre.Tore, you just like my brother to me :)

SPTH		: Thx for many information you gave me about rRlf group, I'm happy
		  to be here, keep on nice idea dude ;). Btw, I like your Longhorn stuff
                   sounds great :)

Phil3t0aster	: Look so bussy with your job, relax, A JOB just make you getting old ;)

DIA		: Keep profesional dude ;)

Cyneox		: Nice to know you

BlueOwl		: You too

VirusBuster	: You are real VXWorker,salute :)

Benny		: I can't forget Winux, revolutioner virus

Vallez		: I can't forget Caribe, revolutioner worm

Roy g biv	: Your Win64 viruses, damn, I guest you are very rich to buy AMD64, SALUTE

T-2000		: I've much learn from your stuffs

Bumblebee	: You too, great coder

ZOMBIE		: I love your High quality engine


Jacky Qwerty	: For all of your WIN32.INCs cool

Griyo,Vecna,Ratter,Lord Julus,Super and all 29ers you all profesional, salute from me
and also thanx for Billy,starzero and all ikxers, matrix, ddt, FS, I like your zines.

Second Part To Hell greets:
DiA		<- damn mustard! :)
philet0ast3r	<- looking forward for the next riot +fg+
rastafarie	<- you still have all of your fingers?
blueowl		<- hi there! make more meta! :)
cyneox		<- i'm really happy that you've joined!
psychologic	<- my siemens works! :)
Dav		<- believe me, alcohol helps to get ideas, just try it! :)
belial		<- schokonase - loooool
malfunction	<- how are you?! long time not seen!
necronomikon	<- i found the easter-egg in your vck (nice pic :D)
sinclaire	<- dont let DCA die! you can do it!
roy g biv	<- thx for contribute - first time I've worked with PGP file encryption :)
Retro		<- EPOC - do it more!!!
virusbuster	<- this time enough asm in the magazine?
dr3f		<- dont worry be happy! ;)
VxF		<- I want to infect your OS!!!
metal		<- my axe is better than the one you found at eBay ;)
adious		<- sad you haven't had enough time - hope one day you will have time again!
Arzy		<- still alive???
jackie		<- hi! sad you are no more here.
vecna		<- that idea is too advanced, sorry ;)
Brain Perl	<- damn, i forgot your second handle...
Dr. Rave 	<- feel yourself as greeted ;)
herm1t		<- you have great ideas about the philosophy of vx-ing. thx for vx-heavens!
Del Armg0	<- you are too anarchistic for it?! :)
kefi		<- good that you liked the packet! :)
DvL		<- still alive???
missmoose	<- I love that woman/suicide/butterfly picture... damn - that's great!
PanoiX		<- Hi there!
vort3x		<- Sad you left the viruswriting before you have really began.
SlageHammer	<- thanks for the whole help (with viruses, italian and other topics)!
KnowDeth	<- format-C?
rem		<- just wanted to say HI! :)
SnakeByte	<- release the source, bastard! :D
Vorgon		<- maybe you can combine neural networks and computerviruses?!
t00fic		<- i know, one day you will release next iKx zine :)
LiTlLe VxW	<- Who has won the competition??? ;)
Rott_en		<- I'm too stupid making a real key-file for WinSCP, sorry! ;)

rRlf	<- thanks for existing!
29a	<- the output of your group is awesome! hope you will continue living for 9 more years!
DCA	<- work and release the second issue!
iKx	<- finally, one day we will see your next issue!

My greets also go to all other viruswriter (new or old, advanced or newby),
who tries to develop new techniques and discover new fields!

Yeah,  what to say,  thats it for this issue.  We really hope you liked this
small but,  in our eys,  good e-zine. For  any feedback catch us on undernet
in #vxers, #vx-lab or #DCA.  We cant even wait  to bring you the next issue,
but it will take some time. We promise to make a better  RRLF zine then this
here. Keep on working, dont let the virus scene die...

                                              Greets, RRLF group 21.07.2005