Today's consumerist society revisited
by Nomenumbra

                                                    “Today's consumerist society revisited”
                                                                   by Nomenumbra

When I look around at this world, I see several things, I see beauty, joy and hapiness, but I see
something else which is getting more and more common, it's depression, agression, egoïsm, sky-rocketing
suicide counts and general increase in dissatisfaction and psychological disorders. 

The most common and prevailing among modern-day psychological disorders is depression.
Numerous recent epidemiological studies indicate that depressive disorders in children and adolescents
are quite common and growing. Roughly 15% of adolescents admit to having suffered from such a disorder
at some time or other. The cause of these depressions often lies in dysfunctional families, negative life
events (which seem to increase in occurance according to the research) and an extreme ammount of pressure,
both from peers and adult expectance resulting in stress, which upon occurance of failure and negative
reactions from the expecting side results in low self-esteem and self-defeating/distorted thinking,
leading to even more depression. Take Japan for example, over 30,000 people last year took their lives,
of which many where adolescents who couldn't cope with the high standards of education, necesarry for
corporate employment.

But not only adolescents cope with depression, lots of adults have to deal with it as well. Depression in
adults is most often caused by lost fights for dominance inside a social group. This “fight” is, in modern
times, climbing the corporate ladder. A lot of talented people go to work every day, only to sit in their
cubicles, commute their asses of, for a low wage, while their bosses, bulky CEOs make an absurd ammount of
money, enough to keep hundreds of people in a third world country alive, while only commanding their workers.
Often these CEOs don't even care what actually goes on in their company, let alone being capable of
understanding. The researchers who work hard on new technology get virtually no respect and a small wage,
this goes for the general commuters as well. They MAKE the company, yet the “big boss” gets away with all
the money and virtually no input in the product. Climbing the corporate ladder means kicking down and kissing up.  
If you're not prepared to do that (because of moral objections), you will be neglected and will remain in a low
corporate position. The stress and failures that come with this enforced process are the most common cause of

This society is a consumerism society that has gone way too far. From the beginning of the industrial revolution in the
late 18th and early 19th century till now we have used more of the earths resources then in the previous
4,499,999,794 years. This resource consumption has reached a level of absurd proportions, almost of the level in
which society can't supply itself anymore. Within the next 60 years the worlds oil resources will be completely
exhausted, leaving an empty and collapsed society, in which only those at the top can survive, the globalist
extortionists. These corporations, growing bigger and bigger, until they reach proportions at a level that they
can control governements, police forces and ,worst of all, global media. Orwell's vision of the future, in which
people are brainwashed into believing everything the governement controlled media tells them isn't fiction or
future, it's reality. The global media isn't independant, nor is governement information. Both are (indirectly)
controlled by large corporations which keep the “country's economy running” and finance or media stations.
Public opinion is controlled in subtle ways, by advertising, not broadcasting news that could negatively influence
the public and depecting dissidents are “rebels, insurgents, counter-culture loons, hippies or radicals”, all
because those people oppose a society in which the masses produce for the elite, which hold virtually all power. 
Take the “Compass Group” for example, a multinational food catering organization. The Compass Group is involved
in a corruption scandal with its subsidiary Eurest Support Services winning contracts to provide food to United
Nations peacekeepers in Liberia. The value of Compass’s food contracts with the United Nations is valued at
$237 million, with renewals and add-ons that could reach $351 million.
The UN Procurement Officer and Vladimir Kuznetsov Head of the UN Committee for Administrative and Budgetary Issues
were arrested and indicted after taking nearly $1 million in bribes from Compass, allowing them to extend their
globalist corporate empire.
Compass refused to make details public and the investigation only resulted in some low-level employees being fired
and the CEO Michael Bailey stepping down in June 2006 with a fat bonus and a Golden Handshake enough to supply a
third world country for years. 
As seen, the influence of corporations is so huge that it even extends to supposedly unbiased, non-profit
peacekeeping organisations as the UN, without having to fear reprisal.

When confronting society with these facts, most high-ranking corporate officials will defend themselves with the
argument of “Well, then don't participate in the process!”. This is of course a bullshit argument. In this society
we are nothing more but consumers, consumers of the goods we produce ourselves, buying it for more money than we
made it for, the difference sliding in the pockets of the ruling class. This society has developped a fetish for
goods and services, how useless they even may be. The products have no values of themselves, it's a social signal
to indentify yourself to the rest of society as a fellow consumer, gaining ungrounded peer-respect stimulated by
the media, who depicts consumption as the ultimate virtue. The god of this world is the coin, and it's priests are
the corporate leaders, spreading their almost zealous relegion in every subtle way they can, enslaving the public
to their useless products, making them wage-slaves to the corporations, without a free will. I ask you, what are we
when we don't consume? Nothing, we are meant to buy, media brings it to our attention, tooth-brushes with GPS
systems, earplugs with airconditioning, cars with weather-forcasting, bikes with suncover caps, chairs with built-in
remote controls and beertenders, and so on. 
This over-consumption society will eventually break down our very ability to judge products or services by their
values, eventually leading to a society in which free-thinking is discouraged, descisions are made by a select few
and emotional instability will be extremely common. If society continues in this trend, global resources will be 
exhausted in the next 60 years, leaving a devasted society with tons of environmental problems behind, in which only
a select elite, based on their undeserved financial capacities can survive, for the masses to starve. 
Such a future should be prevented and the current consumerist society must to every extend and cost be abolished,
lest it will be to late to stop this world from consuming it's way into oblivion.

Cast your mind back to when you were a child, everything was full of hope and curiosity, a world of adventure and
challenge, what is left of it? A life to be wasted in a cubicle for some CEO's sake. Your mind being poisoned by
the media: 

Politics: “Act as you are told by our 'laws' or we'll take 'measures'”

Economics: “Work hard and consume, this will contribute to our beautifull society and maybe one day you'll be rich!”

Religion: “Don't sin against the 'rules of god' or you'll be damned forever after your death”

Since the birth of consciousness, hundreds of millions of human beings have been slaughtered by their fellows.
Men – women – children ... snuffed out as if their lives meant nothing.
Why? Because we look to leaders and priests and gurus and “stars” to tell us what to do instead of relying on the
powers of our own sovereign minds. Some will see this as a “left-wing radical counter-culture hippie rant”, after
all, they live in a “democracy” no? So tell me, what happens if you want to disobey them? Say you have moral
objections against the current governement. You object to paying taxes to support the President, his family, his
bodyguards and the friends he wangled jobs for. What do you do? Or say you don’t like your taxes being used to
subsidize foreign arms sales for slaughter in the third world. How can you stop it? Vote for somebody else, whose
policy makes virtually no difference? Don’t vote and loose your voice? The government pretends to be there to serve
you. In reality, it’s there to tell you what to do. If you refuse to obey, you’ll be
investigated – arrested – criminalized and made an example.
Your assets will be seized and given to the state. You will be jailed and demonized. This world will soon reach a
totalitarian consumerist society dominated by administration bigwigs who view the world from stretch limos, while
hunders of thousands of families sleep in cardboard boxes and can barely eat. Corrupt businessmen flourish, while
honest men beg in the gutter, crime will explode, and everybody will be forced to believe it HAS to be that way,
it's the best for the collective good. Imagine you’re a child again. Filled with innocence, and wonder, and life.
Remember how good it felt?That’s what the parasites stole from us. They bled us dry. And like sheep we lined up to
give more blood. But we can have back all that they stole.The information age provides a spotlight the parasites
can’t squirm away from. They can't take us on on the net, identify them. Negate their evil. Ostracize them. Show
them you are not a slave!