by fakedminded

See also the project folder

Virus name :win32.fag
Coded by :fakedminded
Date :10/11/ 2005
payload: on 9/4 it displays a message!
bugs: still acquire some 
About the virus: the virus name does not mean anything
the virus is pe res infector /p2p worm

the virus goes:
1-decrypte itself
2-check windows version if not winnt jump 4
3-searches by horizontal expansion and infect by pe res method(adding RT_RCDATA named by 1234)
4-call p2p spread routine(Ares and Kazaa)
5-check for payload
6-return to host

on 9/4 the virus will do simple payload by popping a message  (congrats! you have been fucked by a fag).
i didnt finish the virus yet, since i was very busy 

PS:virus doesnt infect non-winnt coz it needs some apis to run....although these apis is included if the MSLU is 
installed in win9x..