Valhalla 2

     intro words by SPTH
     intro words by hh86
     intro words by herm1t
     intro words by mos6581
     intro words by alcopaul
     intro words by m0sa
     intro words by belial

     Interview with Peter Ferrie - by hh86 and SPTH
     Interview with pr0mix - by SPTH
     Interview with Wargame - by SPTH

     Recompiling the metamorphism - by herm1t
     Polymorphic Batch - by roy g biv / defjam
     Emulation: Transposition of Control - by mos6581
     Creating an Anti-AV scanner ...and blocking AVs - by Peter Kleissner
     Dynamic analysis .. What is it and how to defeat it?! - by m0sa
     Ideas For Your Next Virus - by alcopaul / brigada ocho
     The flag of virtual space: Nonstandard Code Recreation - by hh86 and SPTH
     Crazy ToDo list for VXers - by belial and SPTH
     Dynamic Anti-Emulation using Blackbox Analysis - by SPTH
     Cross Script Infection using the same code - by SPTH
     Exotic Morphing Techniques in JavaScript II - by SPTH

     BAT.Polymer - by roy g biv / defjam
     Win32.OGLe (preview) - by roy g biv / defjam
     W32.Evenstar - by mos6581
     Win32.Fizzy - by hh86
     Win32.Posey - by hh86
     Win32.Addisco - by SPTH
     Win32.Filly - by SPTH

     Game of Life: Classic to Semi-Quantum - by SPTH
     Thought Worms Infecting Your Mind - by alcopaul / brigada ocho
     Noob Cypher - by alcopaul / brigada ocho
     VBS.First - by LexG

Valhalla 2 - 15.03.2012